March 27, 2007

"Tell All the Haters that They Should Just Shut Up and Smile"

So, I don't know if it's that I'm in love or what (yeah, I said it. In love), but I wish that more people would shut up and smile.

I stopped listening to MPR because it depressed me so damn much. There are troubles in the world, and I understand this. They will come to find you sooner than you like. I'm not saying that we should completely bury our heads in the sand.

Just take a moment to go outside and enjoy the spring. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and it's going to be a beautiful day. Go watch some turtles. I think the world would be a better place if we all spent more time watching turtles.

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March 22, 2007

Why Do I Buy Soy Nuts?

Why do I buy soy nuts? That, my friends, is the million dollar question.

There are so many "good" reasons to buy soy nuts at the time I am buying them. For example, my dad grows soybeans, so I'm supporting an industry that he participates in. Additionally, they always come with labels like "Healthy Snack" and "Naturally Delicious" and "Great Source of Protein." Finally, usually, they are being sold for cheap. The last time I bought some was at Cub when they had a bin of Goodniks's natural snacks at 10 for $10. And there they were, claiming things like "[soybeans] are one of the only food sources with significant amounts of Isoflavones" and "Roasted and Salted," sounding healthy and good and scrumptous in every way.

And then I get them home and open them and realize what I always realize about Soy Nuts: They taste like ass. Salted, roasted ass, perhaps, but ass nonetheless. In addition, I know I never knew what Isoflavones were until this morning when I looked it up, and, as it turns out, the heath benefits and/or risks of Isoflavones are not yet known. They may or may not cure/prevent cancer. On the other hand, they may or may not cause hypothyroidism. Finally, this "healthy" snack has a calorie per serving rate of 140 and a fat content of 7 grams. And when I say serving, I mean 1/4 cup. For those of you who do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, that's the smallest measuring cup you can get before you have to start measuring in spoons. It's true; they have a lot of protein and fewer of the bad fat than other snacks. But this brings us back to my topic sentence for this paragraph, which is that they taste like ass.

So, at a dollar a bag, soy nuts are still not worth the money. I recommend something else. If nothing else, get Emerald Nuts. They keep Robert Goulet away, even if they do probably have a higher fat content. And, as an added bonus, they do not taste like ass. Seriously, just say no to soy nuts, guys. I know I'm going to try to next time I'm tempted. Together, maybe we can end this foolishness!

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March 16, 2007

All the News

Well, it has been a long time, folks. My appologies.

In the interim, I have discovered two great shows: Black Books and Weeds. Both were Netflix recommendations.

I largely ignored Weeds until no fewer than three of my friends said that it was must-see. It's about a subburban widow who resorts to dealing weed in order to maintain her lifestyle. I believe one of them said it was sort of like Desperate Housewives only with drugs. It's pretty good. Season two ends on a hell of a cliffhanger, though, so be warned.

Black Books is just so witty, it cracks me up. It's exactly what I look for in a TV show: Hilarious dialogue and insane characters. This show has both of those. There are three main characters, two of which run the shop. Bernard just likes to sit around and yell. He's hilarious, though. Manny does all the work and usually bears the brunt of Bernard's yelling. One of my favorite quotes is "Now I have to go along with all this reclusive genius stuff. She's going to be very upset when she finds out I'm a reclusive wanker." I also enjoy "I've been slaving away and you've been off scarfing chips in some tart's lap. Where's my tart? I want chips and tarts." It made me laugh out loud frequently, and I loved it.

So, the moral of the story is that Netflix can recommend DVDs you'll love, even if you have never heard of them.

In other news, I am not going to go to school for Tech Comm. I don't know what I want to do yet, but that is not it. I tried classes so that I would know whether I wanted to do it or not, and I don't. I think I'm pretty much going to take a year and not work like a maniac or commit to too many things and enjoy myself. The last time my only committment was a 40 hour a week job was in the spring of 2003, and I spent that whole time worrying about what I would do in the summer. I am going to have a nice summer. I am going to spend most of it outside. I am going to drink brewed iced tea and plant herbs and clean up my house and relax for a change. Feel free to join me.

My other secret plan is to work 4, 10 hour days and have three day weekends all summer. This is an option where I work, and I am pushing for it. Also, I get to attend a conference because I won an award at work. So far, the highlight for me is the two double bed hotel room at the Hilton all to myself. Indeed. I like that a lot. Did I mention work is paying for it? 'Cause they are. The cable is all mine. All mine! No remote sharing fo rme!

I think that's about it. I don't know that I have other news that's fit to print (which is not to say I don't have other news... just that it isn't fit to print).

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March 04, 2007

March= 3 Paycheck Madness!

I would like to take this moment to celebrate the fact that March is three paycheck month for me. This means that I can pay my tuition and still have money left to do with as I will. I like that. I like that a lot.

As discussed before, I realize that I do not, in fact, get free money during three paycheck month. On the other hand, I have more money to spend on the same amount of bills in regular two paycheck months. In fact, Feb.'s bills are usually smaller because it has fewer days.

I have had to tighten my proverbial budget belt over the last few months, but I've been doing much better as of late, cutting my credit card spending by about a fourth last month and by even more this month (minus tuition, of course) (which probably doesn't count because Feb. is shorter). I have not yet decided what to spend the extra on, but rest assured, it will rock. I'm leaning towards a better MP3 player at this time. Maybe Egyptian cotton sheets with a modest thread count. They're on sale for $30 a set at Overstock. Maybe onion rings. I don't know. The possibilities are endless, really.

So hooray for three paycheck month for shooting me some extra moola! Anybody else have three paycheck month this month? Big plans for the dollars? Feel free to celebrate with me in the comments.

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March 01, 2007

Snow Day!

Well, ladies and gents, the snow is good for something, after all.

For the first time since I started working at my current college four years ago (and apparently for the first time in at least 10 years), we got a snow day. Starting at 1 PM today and going into tomorrow, we have no school! Whoo hoo!! And we get PTO (Paid Time Off) (or Power Take Off, depending on where you're from), so we don't have to take vacation, either.

I have been sick, so this was a blessing for me, but I am feeling much better now. Mostly because I slept all afternoon. Seriously, I woke up from a deep, deep dream about a vacuum cleaner that I could barely move and a movie that I couldn't turn off in a mansion where I was living (and cleaning). I also burned through my Netflix. Hooray for FarScape! So I plan to do some homework tomorrow and have a nice 3 and 1/2 day weekend. Maybe I will do some dishes, buy some new bras, and see some friends I have neglected. Maybe there will be snow angels, but I can't say for sure. Perhaps there will be snowballs, but you won't know until I hit you with one.

I have to say that, after helping free my boyfriend's car from the snow last weekend and freeing my own car from the snow just prior to the Oscars (for which we had a fabulous party! Hooray and thank you Danika, Lindsey, and Thom--sushi and wine was fantastic and the show was very entertaining!), a snow day is welcome, indeed.

How about the rest of you? Anybody else getting an unexpected day off? Big plans with what to do with it?

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