January 29, 2009

Go Lilly!

One big leap for women's rights happened today. This law provides protection against pay discrimination and offers a recourse for those who have experienced it. You go, girl!

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January 28, 2009

Another Week Flies By

It's hard to believe it's been another week already. I haven't really done much else off my list. But I am still working two hours a night. And I did attempt to get things done--fate was just not on my side.

Of course, I've been freaking out. I now have two lists going. I am nearly to the point where I have determined that this whole wedding thing has stopped being fun, and I now want to elope. And my mother likes to remind me that I have money invested, to which I like to point out that it might be worth that cost to just pull the plug now and hop on a plane.

Meanwhile, I have rediscovered my love for DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and would like to find nice dance pads for a PS2. I want them yesterday. I'm going to bounce around above the heads of the neighbors below me who sing at the tops of their lungs all weekend long. Hopefully, my waistline will shrink in the process.

This weekend, I'm hoping to clean out the entryway closet, so wish me luck.

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January 21, 2009

Yes I Have...

Yes I have...

Put away my Christmas stuff for next year.
Figured out what I'm going to do for the reception (I think).
Done a lot of overtime work this week (4 hours of 10 so far!).
Talked on the phone to a friend or two this week.
Attempted to set a time to go bridesmaid dress shopping.
Watered the aloe plant, though it is still on a quest to die.
Figured out that I know a little bit about APA (not as much as MLA or CMS).
Accomplished one of my 1001 goals by sheer accident.
Folded my laundry (and put it away!).
Emailed several friends (though not all friends who I owe emails).
Nearly decided which engagement pic will make the paper.
Determined I will like to use comp time in May, so I will like earning it in March.
Finished my grocery shopping.
Cleaned out the hall closet.
Restarted my computer.
Purchased whitening strips.
Walked the trail at work quickly so that I don't have to think about weight.
Checked my voicemail at home and at work.
Returned most of the stuff I bought that I don't want.
Decided to keep the black sweater because it is warm and will still fit next year.
Gotten to work 10 minutes early every day since the last time I posted.
Thought about music for the ceremony and came up with a semi-plan.

So, since I've gotten a big chunk of stuff done since last week, I feel better about life in general. Ben also did the dishes, so that's another thing crossed off my list. In fact, he cleaned up the kitchen, which was really really nice, and he has cooked our dinners this week because he's my favorite super hero, and he loves me very much.

I have made myself a promise that I will work two hours every night. That way, I will have the weekends free to sort through things and pack thing and to enjoy myself and to plan the wedding. Then I will feel better in general, I think. It has been a long time since I had a Saturday morning to do with what I will, and I miss that. I miss going to the library and running my errands and just generally disappearing for a few hours into a crowd. Or cooking in my crockpot at home. Whatever. Granted, I've only been doing this for two days, but I feel good about it. (Though it does make me very tired, but in this economy, you can't turn down work.)

Also, as part of my grand scheme, I need to get a Wii and possibly some old (but not too old or crappy) TVs. Does anyone know how to go about aquiring a Wii? For example, if you know what days shipments come in at certain stores, that could help a lot. (I think I can find TVs on craigslist or the free market, but I'm waiting to see what I need first.)

So, that is what I know. I am feeling better. Thanks for the encouragement, everybody. I feel a little less nuts. (It helps that my mom didn't email me seven times today to ask me about all the things we have left to do like she did last week.)

I hope you all are doing well, too!

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January 14, 2009

No I Haven't...

No I haven't...

Sent out my Christmas cards.
Put away my Christmas stuff for next year.
Packed most of what I hoped to by now.
Figured out what I'm going to do for the reception.
Sent out engagement announcements to the paper.
Solidified the guest list.
Done the dishes.
Thrown out the mountain of junk mail that I am burried under.
Cleaned out the closets so that I can put packed boxes away.
Reserved a block of hotel rooms.
Decided what the cake is going to look like.
Sold the books I never intend to read.
Taken out the empty boxes that are too small or broken to pack in.
Done any overtime work this week.
Beaten Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS.
Seen or talked on the phone to any of my friends this week.
Chosen colors for the wedding.
Set a time to go bridesmaid dress shopping.
Watered my aloe plant lately.
Learned anything about APA.
Lost any more weight.
Started Taebo again.
Learned how to spell Taebo.
Accomplished any of my 1001 goals lately.
Re-posted my 1001 goals after taking them down after the co-worker fiasco.
Folded my laundry.
Read any of the magzines I have in my possession.
Emailed several friends.
Decided which engagement pic will make the paper.
Paid bills.
Applied for a passport.
Figured out the invitations.
Decided on favors.
Determined whether or not I am excited about earning comp time in March.
Purchased MS Office 2007.
Gone to the grocery store.
Taken my vitamin.
Cleaned out the hall closet.
Restarted my computer.
Found a church.
Found someone to do our pre-marital counseling.
Asked the officiant to do the ceremony.
Washed my new pot holders.
Started whitening my teeth.
Confirmed my March dentist appointment.
Thought about what I will do if I don't lose more weight.
Called Joanne.
Checked my voicemail at home or at work.
Finished all the books that my co-worker has.
Watched all the TV shows I'm behind on.
Sorted through the paper work that is in book bags from years ago.
Found a home for my cookbooks.
Returned stuff that I bought during the Christmas rush that I don't want.
Decided whether or not to keep the black sweater that Ben hates.
Started liking this damn cold weather.
Gotten to work on time once this week despite getting up increasingly earlier.
Given two craps about anything any of my co-workers have whined about.
Decided what I want to be when I grow up.
Forgiven my sister.
Decided on a song of the day.
Thought about music for the ceremony.
Thought about what kind of a shower I want (n.m.p.--not my problem).
Cured world hunger.
Figured out my faith.
Called my friend with MS to see how she's doing.
Done 8 full laps around the building any day this year.
Sent the Wellness Committee any suggestions since the last meeting.
Joined the department blog.
Packed my lunch.
Decided what I will wear tomorrow.
Gone to bed.

Among other things... And I wonder why I'm stressed?

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January 07, 2009

Happy New Year and All That Jazz

Well, as you can see, the blog has been restored to its former glory. (Thank you Jeremy for hooking me up with a cookie to block traffic from my work.) (If you work with me, no offense, but perhaps this is not the blog for you.)

As I approach the new year, I always like to take stock.

One of the first things I'm going to say is that, while I have a long-standing hatred toward resolutions, I am going to make one. (OMG! LoWriter is making a resolution. Will it be to end world hunger? Will it be to lose 40 pounds?) This is the only resolution I may ever make on here, so listen up.

I resolve to be more blunt/direct/honest on this blog and to care less about who might be reading it. This may mean that, gasp, you might be offended by me. You know what? Suck it.

I have been sorting through my emails, and what I have discovered is that I used to have a lot more fun. I intend to start again. If you don't like it, you can lick it. Preferably elsewhere.

For those of you who are still left to read my blog, here are my top ten: Five pros and cons of the past year. (If I left you out, remind me. I've had a couple of alcoholic beverages this evening.)

1.) Got engaged to the love of my life. (Sometimes, me being honest means you might gag. Deal with it.)
2.) Saw a lot of friends who have moved far, far away. (I miss you, girls!)
3.) Took a road trip with the sisters.
4.) Saw Niagara Falls at night and took amazing pics.
5.) Spent another Christmas with my grandmas and the rest of my family.

1.) Don't know what I want to be when I grow up yet.
2.) Had an organ removed.
3.) Consequently, had less time to spend with friends and/or party.
4.) Found out my love has diabetes.
5.) Still have my same job that I've had since I got out of college. (Which is nice in the way of job security, but I'd like to move up.)

Bonus pros because pros are good:
6.) Learned how to cook and lost some weight as a result of being healthier, so diabetes was a mixed blessing.
7.) Feel better since having an organ removed.
8.) Did get to spend at least some time with some (not all) of my amazing friends.
9.) Saw history happen and didn't have to lose my faith in democracy since we elected Obama! (Yes we did!)

On the whole, this year was full of ups and downs. I'm hoping 2009 will be a little less rocky and a little more fun. I would like to lose more weight, and I would like the wedding to go smoothly. I would like to have some money left when it is all over. I would like it if Ben and I could both be healthy for three months in a row. (I am realizing that I had been sick for much longer than I thought.) I would like to mail out my Christmas cards before next Christmas, too. Sometimes, it's good to want.

The ups were high, the downs were deep, 2008 was a good year, but I'm glad it's over. Let's get on with the good stuff! :)

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