September 16, 2005

Sleeping on the Couch

I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the fact that my couch once again served its purpose well. Namely, I got to sleep on it while I was sick. There was one miserable winter when I was couchless, and it was sad. Since then, I bought the best couch in the world, which many of my friends can attest to. It's some brand name that's good (don't remember it-- Gildcraft maybe?), and it has a pillowtop. The cushions are perfect to a) snuggle with and b) sit normally on because they are made for people with long legs (like me). 10 helped me choose it, and she can attest that we walked around the Slumberland Clearance Center, sat down on this one and went, "Oh. This one." And she talked me into buying it even though I wasn't sure I could afford it, which was one of the best decisions ever.

I bring this up because I've been sick the last few days. And yes, I know this is because I a) stressed myself out, b) didn't get enough sleep, c) ate too much junk food, d) didn't exercise enough, e) drank too much last week, and d) wore myself out in general.

I am OK with all of these things. I get one week a year to go crazy because that's the way I do September. Like it, lump it, or stick it as I say these days.

Plus, it gave me a chance to really celebrate my couch the way it ought to be celebrated.

However, because I was having some quality couch time, you may not have heard from me. I apologize for anyone I may have missed over the last few days. It's not really my fault. I blame the gods, but blame me if you must. I can take it. At least I've got a nice couch.

Posted by LoWriter at September 16, 2005 03:53 PM